SaaS in the Cloud

Having access to the most up-to-date data and resources is essential for successful businesses. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud based-service that enables companies to access important business applications via an internet browser instead of having to download software on a desktop or PC. We have the experience and ability to design connected SaaS solutions with any major cloud provider so that the application can be accessible from anywhere on any device.

More information about SaaS in the Cloud is as follows.

The Cloud

Cloud based software allows users to access the software anywhere with internet access. It is a fairly new concept that enabled companies to remove on-site hardware in favor of data being remotely stored and accessed. Conveniently, SaaS is a type of cloud computing which means any SaaS application is available anywhere the user has internet access. SaaS applications are managed by the provider and data is stored on the remote cloud servers.

We have lots of experience with the cloud. Read more about our experience storing data on the cloud.


Although more confusing than single-tenancy applications, SaaS multi-tenancy applications have more benefits and have therefore become the standard choice in SaaS applications. Multi-tenancy is a term that refers to a single instance of the software and its supporting infrastructure to serve multiple customers. With multi-tenancy, every customer would share the software application and a single database. It is easy to see how sharing components with other users could be beneficial when trying to maintain and update software. Furthermore, a multi-tenancy configuration allows developers to make easy updates to the configuration without changing any of the application’s code. These simple benefits eventually lead to lower costs for businesses and lower fees for customers.

Converting Applications into SaaS

SaaS is becoming increasingly popular and many companies are trying to convert their existing business applications into SaaS. We can help! The following are general steps we can take when trying to convert an application:

  • Evaluate the current environment
  • Select the cloud environment
  • Choose the right cloud provider
  • Prepare applications for cloud
  • Deploy
  • Perform application refactoring
  • Migrate data
  • Remove on-site database
  • Enable production

A SaaS Provider

Every SaaS application needs a provider to host the application and data. We have experience using SaaS providers and can help you choose the best fit for your company. SaaS providers are in charge of deploying patches, upgrading the application regularly, and providing access to users over the internet which makes them imperative to SaaS applications. This service is not free, but in the long run the cost is offset by the fact that businesses don’t have to worry about any in house hardware and maintenance.

Worry Free

Using SaaS in the cloud is known to be hassle free for companies because the provider takes care of all of the work. The provider ensures that the application is always on and always available. Businesses also no longer have to worry about the development, deployment, or maintenance of applications. Furthermore, SaaS removes the need for businesses to install and run applications on their own computers which in turn removes the expense of obtaining the hardware, acquiring software licenses for the hardware, and providing maintenance to upkeep the hardware.

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