Serverless Infrastructure

Taking the headache out of maintenance, a serverless infrastructure is a way to build and run applications and services without having to manage the bulky servers. Not to be confused with cloud computing though, having a serverless infrastructure simply means you pay someone else to manage your servers that are physically located somewhere else in the world.

A serverless infrastructure can only be compatible with a serverless application. Serverless applications can be complex because it requires developers to follow strict practices to minimize bugs and maintain application security.


With developing any application, security is always important. For serverless applications, security is especially important because the application can be accessed by anyone. Certain components of the application including the API Keys and database credentials must be securely stored and accessed by the application. A big part of doing this requires developers to keep these secret components out of the source control code and limit access to the separate file where the secrets are stored. Then, when the application gets deployed with a serverless infrastructure these secrets wont be included with the app.

Timed Deployments

Serverless deployments can be done through the command line which is good for developers to make easy updates to applications. Working from the command line gives developers the convenient option to restrict deploy times. Restricting deploy times could be beneficial during high traffic times on the website that could possibly cause bugs or issues with the web application. Deploy times can be automated to be done at a certain time or can be run manually with the right command line elements.

The Cost For Serverless

A serverless infrastructure is more cost-effective than any other server option with purchasing a server topping out as the most expensive. The cost of serverless is generally broken down into the cost needed for the components to run the website. These components are requests, CPU, RAM, API Requests, and Networking.The best benefit of a serverless infrastructure is that you are paying for the exact amount of resources you need. If your project only needs 4.23GB of memory, that’s all you pay for.

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