As an online, open-source, content management-system (CMS), WordPress is arguably the most popular and powerful blogging CMS in existence. WordPress can be used to create any type of website and therefore is very versatile. Below are some reasons why WordPress is so popular:

It’s Free

WordPress is a gift from the developer gods because it’s completely free. Free to download, free to install, and free to use. To top it off it’s also free to modify so using WordPress can be as easy as downloading it and using it straight out of the box or customizing the source code to do just about anything. In addition, there are a ton of free tutorials and WordPress courses that teach the WordPress basics in about an hour.

Many Features

Like a lot of other CMSs, WordPress includes themes and plugins but allows the ability to be completely customized to add functionality based on the needs of its users. Whether it’s a website, blog, business site or online store there are thousands of free WordPress themes where the user can change colors, logos, backgrounds, and sliders without writing a single line of code.

Easy To Manage

WordPress is undoubtedly easy to manage on desktop or on mobile with constant updates and notifications that keeps users up to date with their site. It comes with a built-in updates management system to update plugins and themes quickly from the admin dashboard with site updates that are as simple as clicking a button. WordPress also conveniently comes with a backup plugin that protects data from accidental deletions or hackers.

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