Smart Software Time Keeping System

Appropriately named, Time Keeping System or TKS is a system created and used by Smart Software Solutions. It is a system used by employees and administrators to keep track of everything relating to the business. Below is a breakdown of features for employees and for administrators.

For the Employees

TKS conveniently allows employees to track the hours they’ve worked via logs. An employee has the ability to log which project they’ve been working on with a day, start time, and description. Conveniently, time off requests can be tracked and requested in TKS to show future and past days off. It also holds basic information about coworkers and all company manuals.

For the Administrators

In addition to the abilities employees have in TKS, Administrators can use TKS to see employee hours broken down in multiple different spreadsheet/list views and to send bills to clients in a nicely formatted document. This handy software solution can be completely customized for any business that needs to keep track of important business information.

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