Express is a web application framework for Node.js that was specifically designed for building web applications and APIs. This very popular framework is considered minimalist, unopinionated, and fast.

Why Use Express?

Express provides easy to use mechanisms for tasks that are not included with Node.js. Express is notably good at helping websites respond to requests in order to write specific responses for specific URLs. In addition, the framework is handy for setting common web application settings such as which port to use to connect to the website and where the templates are located for rendering. Finally, the most unique thing that makes Express popular is middleware.

Express Middleware

At a high level, Express middleware is a number of functions invoked by the routing layer before the final request handler is invoked. These functions can do the following: execute any code, make changes to the request and response objects, end the request-response cycle, and call the next middleware in the stack. At a low level it basically means Express lets users decide how the application is going to pass data from the initial destination to the final destination.

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