Having syntax similar to Java and C#, ActionScript is an object-oriented programming language that can be used to create applications and multimedia content for playback in Adobe. What makes ActionScript unique is:

Support for Classes and Objects

In ActionScript, every object is defined by a class. Class definitions include variables, constants, and functions which all hold logic. ActionScript contains lots of built-in classes such as Array, Math and XML classes to be used freely by developers.

Adobe Flash/Adobe Animate

In order to write the code for the versatile language we use Adobe Flash, now known as Adobe Animate. Animate is the platform for creating the animations, browser-based games, web applications, and mobile apps. Neat features of Animate include a virtual camera, multiple export formats, vector brushes, and audio syncing. In order to run the code we use the ActionScript Virtual Machine.

The ActionScript Virtual Machine

Web browsers nowadays are designed with support for HTML, CSS, and Javascript and while ActionScript is similar to Javascript it isn’t the same thing. An ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM) is required to run ActionScript code since it contains the interpreter and compiler. Without the AVM, ActionScript is just text.

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