Stress / Load testing

Used together, Stress and Load Tests are important in ensuring a product or application is ready to be released to the public. A load test automates a specific number of requests to a system in order to test the functionality. Similarly, a stress test is designed to send a large amount of requests in order to test if the system breaks. Knowing whether or not a system breaks under a large amount of requests is essential when the system is intended to be used by large amounts of people.

Testing for Different Scenarios

Just because we think we have finished a project does not mean we are done. An essential part of the software development life cycle is testing the project then going back to fix any bugs that we may have found. Stress and load testing is essential to know the limits of your own application.

Below you will find some reasons why we use stress and load testing.

Establishing Baseline Performance

When stress and load testing is performed, the testing system creates a number of dummy users that is known to be supported by the system. This number of users is called the baseline. The amount of users are then increased based on the baseline to test the system. The results of a baseline test determines the average connection speed, average delay before data transfer begins and average time to download a file. Other tests rely on the baseline so it is good to do this test at the beginning.


Have you ever sat and waited forever while a website loaded? This is probably because the website has a bottleneck. In programming, a bottleneck is a singular process in a chain of processes that limits the capacity of the website and thus slows down the capacity of the whole chain of processes. Putting in effort to locate and fix existing bottlenecks ensures that a project will run smoothly without having to wait for a single process to finish. Stress and load testing will help you find out exactly what is causing your website to load slowly.

Service Level Agreements

Dependent on the performance of the users, service level agreements use the baseline to determine the average response times under an expected load. This tests helps companies to manage customer expectations and define their liabilities if there are outages or performance issues. Service level agreements are comparable to a modern day internet speed test to determine how well your internet is performing with how much internet you are paying for.

Web App Infrastructure

Finally, stress and load tests can be used to test where each component in your infrastructure will fail. Your infrastructure includes your hardware so using stress and load testing tests for the number of data connections, disk space, isolating traffic to one region and downloading large image files. These tests help during brief intense loads such as online shopping on Black Friday.

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