Quality Assurance

Having happy clients is the key to having a happy business. Quality assurance testing prevents mistakes in our projects and ensures that your project requirements have been fulfilled. We always want to make sure that we are working quickly but efficiently to ensure an on time product reveal which will meet the needs of your business.

Below are some of the following tools we use to practice quality assurance.

Modern Software

As a modern company, it is important to stay up to date with modern software. We use different up-to-date software such as Jenkins, Selenium, and Postman to test the projects we create. These softwares are generally used while the project is still in the development stage so fixes and changes can be made immediately. Additionally, these softwares enable us to provide you, the client, with a live demo of what your project will look and feel like without it being available to the public. Using modern software helps us to produce the best project we possibly can for your business!

Customer Feedback

We rely on you to give us feedback on how well we are doing. Being able to detect issues early is important to us and we want to make sure your project is exactly what you had hoped for. With every project we create, we provide our clients access to detailed logs that keep track of the work being done for the project at all stages. Our lead software developers constantly communicate with you to deliver status updates, answer any questions, and make sure that you are happy.

Continuous Improvements

Quality assurance rests on continuous improvements. Just because you are happy with how your website or application functions currently, does not mean you’ll be happy with it in five to ten years. The results and constant feedback from our clients allow us to make improvements and changes to adapt to the future needs of their organization. Maybe someday along the line you’ll need a new feature for your existing app that we can easily add-on for you. Tell us what you need done, and we’ll get it done.

Manual Testing

Our offices have dedicated quality assurance testers to find any bugs or defects in any project. Manual testing requires testers to assume the role of a new user who knows nothing about the project. The testers will then play with every aspect of the project to ensure all the features are working correctly. We practice periodic manual testing so for every commit of a new or updated feature the commit is being tested. Doing periodic commits ensures that any commits that don’t meet our standards are sent back to the developer for improvements. Manual testing is very useful and acts as a safety net for any odd cases that developers may have missed in the development stage.

End-to-End Testing

To ensure that the application is flowing from start to finish as expected, we use end-to-end testing. This is different from manual testing because it is a high level testing used to identify system dependencies and ensure that your data is maintained between the different systems and their components. Important functionalities to your project are also tested here such as interfaces, databases, networks and other applications. End-to-end testing is important because if any sub-system or components fail, the whole software system could collapse.

Want to Learn More?

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