Data Visualization

Using pictures to convey messages is a concept that has existed for centuries. With the rise of technology in large businesses, it is now possible for computers to be able to process large amounts of data at amazingly fast speeds. Data visualization is a modern concept that is defined as the representation of data in a graphical or pictorial format. It truly is an art of balancing complex business data with easy to understand visual tools.

Ease and Understanding

The ultimate goal of data visualization is to present data in visual layout to let influential decision-makers identify new patterns and grasp high-level concepts at the blink of an eye. Consider looking over pages and pages of reports and spreadsheets compared to a nice looking graphical image. It is easy to understand why people would rather look at the image. Furthermore, trends and outliers can be easier to spot and identify in a graphical image which could be detrimental to the company’s success or failure.


When done right, data visualization is effective. It is important to design the right visualizations so the data can be shown in the most effective format that will be easy to understand. Below are the following types of data visualizations that your company could benefit from having.


Transform boring and dull reports with data visualization. Creating your own report can be as easy as inputting data and letting an application crunch the numbers. Reports are an important aspect of sharing data in a formal and organized manner which can be used by multiple departments in your company. We can create an easy to use application that allows you to produce beautiful and professional looking reports for all of your needs.


An effective dashboard is a well designed dashboard. We consider your analytics, business intelligence, and data monitoring practices in order to create a dashboard to fit the needs of your company. Dashboards are the most efficient way to track multiple data sources to provide a centralized location for business to monitor and analyze information. We can make smart decisions about what data to display, where your data is stored, and how to best represent your data.


Automating your ability to create an eye-catching combination of charts, graphs, and text can be effortless. Whether you need an in-house application for your business or a designer to bring your ideas to life, we offer both solutions to ensure your infographics will look great! We can take your complex concepts and data and make it beautiful for any format including print, web, video, or even interactive. The most creative infographics are the most effective because they’ll immediately grab your attention and provoke your thoughts.


In need of direction on which data visualization method to pick? How about a map! Compared to other data visualization types, Maps aren’t exactly on the top of the list because of the specific type of data it showcases. Maps are used to visualize spatial patterns and are great for showcasing geographic data. There are many different map types like geographical maps, heat maps, base maps, and data layers that could be beneficial in trying to get your point across.


Sparklines are useful for providing the shape of a measurement. Contrary to the name, the term sparklines encompass line types, column types, and win/loss types. These graphs can be used to show how things change over a period of time like the temperature or stock market prices over a series of days. Known for being data-intense and design-simple, Sparklines can be used to impress peers, clients, and investors.

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