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Put your business and ideas in the hands of your customers with distinguishably attractive mobile solutions. Having a mobile app is important because it can help your business to reach more customers and increase brand awareness. Smartphones have become increasingly popular nowadays and having a mobile application for your business could really make it stand out.

An in-depth article about our Web and Mobile services is available here. This article will address and focus more on the benefits and perks of mobile applications which is as follows.

Application Re-engagement

An application is only as successful as the number of users that actively use the application. Sometimes, though, a user will download an application and not use it for a while. One of the best things that mobile applications can offer is re-engagement with an audience. Re-engagement is the practice of bringing back users who have installed an app but stopped interacting with it over a period of time. The following are strategies used to draw users back to an application.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages or alerts generated by an application that notify the user of an event or other activity without requiring the user to open the app. These notifications work in a similar manner to text messages or emails where they generally display a message and create a sound on a user’s mobile device. Push notifications are permission-based and are known to keep users engaged.

Social Sharing

Social media has become a valuable platform for the world to share ideas. Some mobile apps can be customized to allow for convenient social sharing for example sharing high scores from games or sharing account links inviting people to join the application. These are known to be effective for mobile applications. Additionally, mobile applications can pay for engagement ads on social media platforms which integrate nicely with a user’s newsfeed.

Mobile Specific Rewards

Mobile specific rewards motivates and entices users to download and use an application. Many current businesses already follow this practice like McDonald’s which offers special discounts on their food just for having the app or Lyft that gives users a $5 credit for every new user they refer. Rewards are known to help grow a user base which will turn profits for the company in the long run.

Device Features

Mobile phones have truly evolved to what they are today. Prior to smartphones, mobile phones were only used for calling. Nowadays, smartphones can be used to search the internet, capture photos and images, and stream music. Mobile applications can be built to use these native device features to its advantage. The camera can be used to scan PDF’s or QR codes, GPS can be used to generate location data, and speakers can be used to identify voices and sounds. These device features can significantly shorten the time it takes for a user to perform an action and will change the way they interact with their device.

Personalized Content

Mobile applications can provide personalized content and personalized settings specific for each of its users. Data sources in mobile applications can track in-app user behavior, preferences, and demographics for developers to then leverage and make the application better for users. With the correct data collection, personalized content is known to improve engagement, increase company return on investment, and provide insights for automated optimization.

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