Healthcare is a necessity that every American must have. We are no stranger to working with clients in the healthcare industry and have experience creating custom healthcare software, HIPAA compliance software, and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. We take all the necessary requirements to build reliable systems and software that your patients can depend on while also helping you to meet your practice’s financial objectives.

Technology in the Healthcare Industry

The rise of the internet and technology has really improved the healthcare industry. Patients have access to accurate diagnostic tools, cutting-edge treatments, and a plethora of minimally-invasive procedures. Not to mention the fact that medical software is becoming crucial to the healthcare industry in order to allow healthcare providers to monitor and manage an organization and patient data. These softwares allow staff to:

  • Electronically store patient data including insurance information, medical history, medication, and reasons for medical visits
  • Schedule staff and track patient visits
  • Report detailed information accessible by healthcare providers
  • Manage finances with payroll, timesheet management, and accounts receivable/payable

HIPAA Compliance Software

Anyone who works in the healthcare industry knows that HIPAA is an acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and that it exists to protect patient’s medical information. We have experience creating HIPAA compliant software and can adhere to all recommended HIPAA safeguards. We use various technology features to ensure that your medical data is safe. With HIPAA in mind, we are able to create any healthcare product you can dream of!

A more in depth explanation about our experience with HIPAA compliant software and our other compliances are available here.

Electronic Medical Record Systems

Moving from physical paper medical records to electronic medical records has been a huge breakthrough in the healthcare industry. It is now easier for both doctors and patients to access their medical records whenever they please. Not only does electronic health record contain a patient’s medical and treatment histories but also diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, and allergies. Good electronic medical record software goes beyond storing standard data collected in an office by also being able to be shared with other providers in a digital format. We have experience creating electronic medical record systems. Trust us with your needs today.

Benefits of Healthcare Software

Healthcare organizations only exist to help people. Creating software that makes their lives easier is the least we can do. Time is of the essence for healthcare professionals and an organized system can easily help them to focus more on their patients. Healthcare software has many benefits including:

Easy Access to Information

Medical professionals are busy. There are lots of patients to see every day, each with an extensive medical history. Healthcare software enables patient records to be accessible by a simple click. Records can be easily searchable to find exactly what professionals are looking for.

Streamlined Workflow

Some medical processes are standard no matter what issues the patient has. These could include filling out paperwork and finding patient files. Automating medical processes allows healthcare professionals to concentrate more on patient care and less on repetitive monotonous tasks.

Better Patient Experience

Having an organized and consistent way to manage patients from when they walk in to when they walk out is important. Healthcare software can provide a better patient experience when it comes to appointment reminders, filling out forms in advance, providing accurate wait times, and payments.

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