Customer Care Center

Customer satisfaction and brand perception are two important concepts that make for a successful business. Customers recognize good customer service and having a reliable customer care center is known to provide value, retain customers, and create endorsements. Creating customer care centers for our clients is one of our strengths. We have extensive experience integrating proprietary systems with Telecom+VOIP, Call Flow and Queue controls (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Text Message (SMS) systems.

Read on to learn more about these proprietary systems.


Short for Voice over IP, Telecom+VOIP is a beneficial, cost-saving solution that eliminates the need for analog phone lines. Businesses already pay internet costs so VOIP is easy to integrate. Technology-wise, the system works by translating phone signals into data packets that are exchanged between callers over the internet. Telecom+VOIP requires a specialized phone or adapter but is known to produce an excellent call quality. Some modern systems also incorporate other communication services such as instant messaging, video conferences, and voicemail.

Call Flow and Queue Controls (ACD)

An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is used to distribute incoming calls to specific agents in a call center. This is useful when businesses want to connect customers with an agent who specializes in a field that customers need help in. ACD’s are used on a first come first serve basis until an agent becomes free. If for some reason there aren’t enough agents to answer the phone the system can be configured to allow customers to choose a callback time, hang up, or wait for a general agent.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

For some companies, it is helpful to have an interactive voice response system. This system is used by various companies who have a large influx of callers and a limited number of employees to answer the phone. IVR interacts with callers through the use of a voice and the phone’s number keypad. When configured correctly, IVR’s can answer a customer’s questions so that the customer never needs to talk to a human agent. We can provide a straightforward way to build a custom IVR system with no specialized hardware required.

Text Message (SMS) Systems

A lot of cell phones nowadays have text message capabilities. Text message systems are used by companies to send text messages in large amounts. Using a text message system can be useful for call centers in order to respond quickly and save time. Example use cases for this particular system would be a text informing customers how long a wait time is or when their next appointment is. Text message systems are known to be powerful and effective while also providing flexibility for businesses to fully customize them. From restaurants to doctors to schools, lots of industries use text message systems and your business can too.

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