Graphic Design

An application’s visual appeal is its first impression. A user will decide whether the are going to enjoy the experience long before they ever use the software, just based on how it looks. The appearance of the system can event affect the user’s perception of how well it performs.

For these reasons, we take special care to design assets that put your best foot forward.

Some of the assets that our team can create include:


If you are just starting out, you may not have established a brand yet. A branding package can include assets like logos, color palettes, or consistent imagery so that your users recognize your company and products.

Design Mockups

Prior to building any software system, we recommend that you let us translate the use cases into a user experience diorama that emulates the flow through the application. These designs mockups document the appearance of UI elements for the developers while giving you a tool to use for demonstrations.


The most complex concepts in the world can be made easier to understand with a visual representation. We can help get your message across with stunning infographics. These can be designed for print, web, video, or even interactive.

Print Publishing

Headed to an expo? We can design banners or brochures, and then work with your printing company to ensure you are capturing the attention of your potential users. We can also design for various swag, like canvas bags or mouse pads.


Our team can create videos from animations, stock videos, or screen captures that can be used for training or marketing purposes. We even have experience with real-time, dynamic video creation from data sources.

Social Media

Maintaining social media focus is increasingly essential to the success of modern platforms. We can prepare assets that capture attention and route your users to your application for conversion. An effective post can save you thousands in marketing.


Part of our quality assurance and user acceptance testing includes involving graphic designers who will evaluate systems to ensure they consistent and adhering to design specifications. Any deviations that they discover will be reported as markups so that developers can apply corrections.

Want to Learn More?

This is just a sample of what we can do. We have 15 years of experience working in nearly every technology and industry. Whatever you are doing, we've done it and are prepared to tackle your project. Reach out and we will discuss it with you.