Apache Flex is a software development kit (SDK) for web applications based on the Adobe Flash platform. Apache Flex uses MXML to define a layout, ActionScript as a programming language, and Adobe FlashPlayer to run the application. Below are some features of Apache Flex:

One Codebase

Apache Flex allows developers to write reusable and deployable code on any major platform. The convenient SDK comes with easy to use user interface components including buttons, forms, containers, lists, and data grids that are ready to use immediately, right out of the box. These components allow developers to make applications stylish with work involved.

For Many Devices

Using the Adobe Flash Player has benefits, the biggest being that any applications will be available to a large number of internet-connected devices.The resources and documentation for this SDK are vast, and recently got updated to even support Android OS, Blackberry Tablet OS, and iOS. This is an incredible feature considering mobile applications are picky.

Any Editor

Apache Flex allows developers the flexibility to use any editor on any platform. The SDK boasts about having support for Eclipse based Adobe Flash Builder, FDT, FlashDevelop and JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA.

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