Compliancy Certification

Your company is important to you and it is important to us that we integrate your procedures and practices into any type of software we create for you. We ensure your software complies with current laws and regulations to help you decrease your liabilities.

Below are the different types of compliancies we have experience creating.

PII Compliance

Personal information should be just that, personal. By practicing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) compliancy, we ensure that any personal data you store such as social security numbers, drivers license numbers, full names, home address, etc. are protected. Whether you’re storing this information about your employees or your clients, it is imperative to encrypt this data to keep it well hidden.

PCI Compliance

Violating Payment Card Information (PCI) compliance can lead to sizable fines for you and your business. Considering that card payments are becoming increasingly popular at stores, having a reliable card payment system is vital for any company. We understand the payment card industry and have the ability to create easy-to-use PCI compliant software that will allow you to safely and securely accept, store, process, and transmit cardholder data to prevent fraud and data breaches.

PHI Compliance

Personal health information compliancy is mandatory for healthcare firms for good reason. As healthcare companies transition to adapt to a paperless system, it is more important now than ever to protect their patients medical histories, tests, lab results, and personal data. We have the knowledge and expertise of relevant regulations in the healthcare industry to create your HIPAA compliant software.

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