Developed by Google, Android is an operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. The following is a lifecycle of an android app:

Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

Programming applications for the Android operating system is written using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and usually in the programming language of Java. The SDK is essential in order to run the app on a physical or emulated Android device and provides many tools for the platform, the build, and the debugger.

Android Studio

The SDK is used inside of Android Studio, but they are not the same thing. Writing applications takes place in Android Studio which comes with software libraries, documentation, sample code and tutorials. Developers write the code logic in Android Studio using the tools provided in the Android SDK. Together these free tools assist developers in building apps on every type of Android device.


After using Android ADK and developing with Android Studio, apps are then published on the Google Play Store for purchase on any active android device. Developing for Android has its benefits, the best being that Android has users in more than 190 countries and territories all around the world.

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